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By following the address (Great Britain version is, you get to a widely used resource for essay writing. It is not only popular among Brits, but also extensively used beyond the UK borders. We have checked them for a number of factors like quality and guarantees, to verify they are good to get in touch.

You get quality close to premium with Ukessays quality

We were happy with the essay we got: it was genuine and written in very good UK English. It was obvious our writer was deep in the topic. You can order reports, dissertations, coursework and other. Before ordering, you can find at uk essays free essays as samples to show they are into your subject, as well as help and reference guides and a plagiarism checker.

Pricing at Ukessay is not the strongest benefit pricing

The company`s prices are not the lowest, they are within the market average and very much vary. The lower the grade and the longer the term, the cheaper the service. Among the advantages is a wide selection of levels, from various undergraduates to Masters and PhDs. No reduced prices. You can pay online using a secure payment system.

Guaranties did not work for us in full guarantees

The company claims your UK essays writing is held harmless against any dissatisfaction and loss. They provide for a list of universal guarantees:

  • Complete money back if you didn`t get the grade they promised;
  • All writings are free from plagiarism;
  • Each writing is consistent with the generally accepted standards;
  • They promise you on-the-minute delivery despite the circumstances.

However, we got into difficulties with the last one – because our essay was delayed, which crossed the on-the-minute delivery guarantee out.

They arrange for 24/7 support, and it`s true support

They are very quick in responding to your needs. They try to settle your issue fast, with no adverse effect on delivery. Even though it didn`t help us with timely delivery, but at least it definitely wasn`t the reason of the delivery gap. As such, our opinion can add to the uk best essays reviews in terms of client assistance.

Usability of is satisfactory order form

The website is generally easy to navigate and makes no problem to find the required content. The sitemap provides for general titles like prices, guarantees and writing services, which makes the search faster. The order form is user-friendly and allows easy and secure payment. However, it was not responding for a while, so our usability review cannot be excellent, but rather satisfactory.

Uk essays writing is not always delivered on schedule

Pity to say, but the piece we ordered was delayed for more than a couple of hours. Allegedly, because of complexity. Truth be told, the writing we received was 100% ready for use, with no need for any follow-ups. This considered, our ukessays review in terms of delivery is neither good nor bad. But of course, we would like it to be faster. By the way you can follow the company in Linkedin.

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