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In the course of study  you sometimes can be completely at a loss when you have to write a reflective paper you have never dealt before. Then personal reflective essay examples come at hand. I believe students must share their papers and publish them for others to view and compare. This will eliminate plagiarism as your essays will be published and inspire other students. Reflective essays are a non-typical type of paper. They are based on personal experience and its effect it made on your personal development.

I have read a lot of self reflective essay examples from different students. People were influenced by various factors from books to an evening at the beach. As for me, I want to share my life experience at school. I believe that at school we go through different life situations, we change as we grow up from childhood to adolescence. I would like to share my reflective essay example about life at school.

Disabled people are often treated with bias as if they are infectious. For centuries society has insulated them from others. With inclusive education disabled children could try to feel themselves regular schoolchildren open to the real world.

At that time we only heard of inclusive education and our school was the participant of inclusive education program. There were made some adaptations as wheelchair ramps in school. On the first day of academic year we were introduced to a new student Nick. He was a disabled child who moved along on the wheelchair and needed help of adults. A special assistant was always present with him at lessons and helped him to go out of the classroom.

Nick was a serious boy, he rarely smiled and was kind of a reserved person. But his coldness did not prevent us to be good friends. Nick made some friends in our class, yet some pupils looked at him with unspeakable unfriendliness. They could not make themselves to speak with Nick and did not know how to behave with him. Nick’s disability was the reason of him being “different”. Some senior students were bullying Nick when teachers did not see it. They called him a “wreck on the wheels” and other offensive words. My friends and I tried to make Nick comfortable as much as we could. But we could not share simple things as going to the playground and playing active games. Sometimes at breaks the whole class ran out from the classroom and Nick was left behind. I believe that he felt lonely in such moments.

But some time passed and we got used to his special situation in our class and eagerly helped him with his wheelchair. At first he felt embarrassed and tried to move by himself but later he accepted our help with gratitude and as granted.

However, his health got worse and he could not go to regular school. He was taught at home and we often came to see him. He lived on the third floor and could seldom come outdoors without aid. We cheered our friend as much as we could and he was thankful for our help and company. The time went by and from all his regular school friends only I visited him from time to time. He has grown up and has changed. He was absorbed in reading and sometimes it seemed books were his best friends. He learned well and got only A grades. Notwithstanding his physical disability he did not give way to despair. He entered the university and studied on remote education basis. Nick became a layer and gave online advice for his clients. Yet, he was still reserved and seemed to be shy of people and kept them on distance.

It is still controversial if inclusive education can help disabled people to feel real-world experience and to diminish biased attitude concerning disabled people. We avoid such people as plague believing that if we communicate with handicapped people we can be infected. They are special people that need our help, communication and understanding. These people have more inner strength as they have suffered a lot. My friendship with Nick helped me to become aware of disabled people’s problems and their social insulation. When I see disabled people on the street I help them as much as I can. Nick learned me to be patient and tolerant and not to be afraid to be physically disabled as he learned to do everything by himself notwithstanding his physical capacity. I believe that our society must accept the fact that these people are an integral part of community, its sensible spot that though strive to be brave need our assistance and all-round support.

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