Reflective Narrative Essay Example

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There are a lot of essay types and all they have their structure and their peculiarities. Reflective essay is an academic paper that expresses the influence of some event on your personal development or perception. Reflective narrative essay examples are the bright examples of how people can change their attitude to different occasions. Writers describe their own experience or some feeling they endured and how they became changed people.

You can find a lot of reflective essay examples for college in the Internet and create your own unique unbiased narration of how some matter changed you. When writing a reflective essay you recall the emotion you felt, the sights you saw and even aroma you inhaled. There are a lot of reflective essay conclusion examples that provide how people can be effected and influenced by different cases. Some people experienced real friendship or betrayal, sympathy or anger that shaped the traits of people’s character. I would like to offer a critical reflective essay example that will depict the effect of books you read.

Good books can become great friends and share their writers’ experience and views. You can paraphrase the proverb that you are what you read. Reading habits influence the insight and world perception as a reader empathize with the main characters and live the life of its heroes.

I remember the book that made deep impression on me. It is “The wolf leader” by Alexandre Dumas. I read it when I was fifteen years old, at the age when you have so many wishes and desires. At this time people dream of future and different things. I wished I had a magic stick that could fulfill all my wishes. But Dumas’s book showed that you must be careful with wishes as they could become true.

The book tells the story of a shoe-maker Thibault, a young fellow who was poor and dreamt to become rich by marrying a rich woman. One day he meets a charming young Agnelette who falls in love with him. But ambitions of her beloved do not include poor young lady and her ill grandmother. He wants luxury and good position in society. He forgets his little angel and asks for help from a wolf who is a devil.

Thibault’s only desire is the fulfillment of every his wish, in turn his hair will be coloured red. That means nothing to him and our hero agrees to the pact of Satan. Indeed, every his wish becomes true but he has no venue of it .At first he wants to marry a widow but she rejects his proposal as she loved another man. Thibault can have everything but that does not bring him satisfaction and pleasure he anticipated. Bargain with devil threw him a wobbly. Thibault was promised untethered authority a man could have and wealth he could desire, he could marry a woman he would love. Having made a bargain with devil he turned a werewolf at night and nothing could harm him neither iron, nor trap nor fire. But for twenty-four hours he will be  mortal, it was the only day in a year that a man could kill him. Thibault agreed on the terms and turned a big black wolf with only one grey hair which remained to a man. He was chased by hunters when he saw his beloved Agnelette dead and to be buried. He addressed to God and wished that she were alive in exchange for his life. He suddenly disappeared and only wolf’s skin remains. The priest tells that his confession released him of the devil’s pact.

This book impressed me as it shows how greediness and envy make people vulnerable to evil doings. All his wishes resulted in disappointment and  dissatisfaction. He gained no love, no wealth, no authority. His only beloved married other man and left him. But his love cured his burning heart and released him from corrupting obligations. This story teaches us to be honest with other people, be ambitious but be faithful in performing duties. I was impressed how wicked wishes led to negative outcomes. It proves once again that everything achieved by evil intentions never brings you satisfaction.

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