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Do not feel discouraged when your assignment is a reflective essay. This kind of essay will evoke your emotions, dreams and memories. You will be able to present your insight and describe different experiences. There are a lot of reflective essay examples in the Internet but sometimes you may lack penmanship and ask for professional help.

Some custom writing services provide examples of reflective essay and tips how to write such an essay. The key points of any essay writing is brainstorming and jotting everything. You have to close your eyes and imagine the experience you want to share. I want to provide the answer of what is a reflective essay example in my essay and share my experience that influenced my future profession.

It happened more than ten years ago, and I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I have always learned well, I gained knowledge easily and was the only child in the family. I spent a lot of time outside and enjoyed all caprices of nature.

As a child I lived in a friendly and evergreen neighborhood. There were lots of children in our street, some soon flew the family nests, others were playing in the pools after rain or toddling along the street.

I was in high school then. We always went to school by a yellow school bus. That day I slept longer than always. And when I left my house I knew I would miss the bus. That was not bad news as the road opened up ahead was lined with high green birches. It was a nice early morning. The fog slowly covered the ground with its misty clouds. The moisture was felt in the air and the rising sun struggled the morning fog with its rays as spires.

As soon as I got to my school bus station I saw  only the shape of distant yellow bus far away. Then I heard the motorbike roar. Another slept through the alarm clock poor schoolboy was my thought. Indeed, there was a father and a son on the motorbike. The father dropped his son off the corner, cursed the leaving bus and said some rude words to his child. The boy was a first-year pupil who cried silently standing under the tree. His shoulders were shrugging from crying, and tears fell slowly from rosy cheeks.

I went up to the boy and asked his name. He raised his sky-blue eyes and muttered Tim. I gave him a friendly hug and kissed the top of his head. When he regained his temper i took his hand and we slowly headed to the rising sun. It seemed the enveiling fog gave in to us and unveiled new picturesque landscapes it hid.

We were charmed with the view and Tim forgot his morning matter. He told that his father was rude and spitfire. And the boy needed love and care. We agreed to meet after classes and spend some time together.

Tim and I parted near school and went to our classrooms. The whole day I thought about my new friend. We met as agreed at 3 p.m. and went to a cafe to drink milk shake. Tim was in cordial spirit and told more about himself. The man he called “dad” was his stepfather and mother was always busy at work. He was behind the studies and started to hate the very notion of school. I told we could study together and that he could come to me.

Since that time we did homework together, I helped him make up for lost time and we were talking, listening to music and even dancing. He was like a brother I have never had, the soul who needed support and encouragement.

It was the turning point to me when I felt the pleasure of helping others, sharing my knowledge with Tim and raising new generation in the whole. I felt that I made the difference for at least that boy at that moment. I decided to become a teacher and bring the light of knowledge to small burning hearts, to enlighten love and respect in them. My dream came true and I often meet with Tim, a young tall teenager who is like a brother to me.

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