English Reflective Essay Example

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When you graduate from school and your student life begins you realize that you have to do a lot of academic writing. The most common academic papers are essays of different types. From all essay types there are not many English reflective essay examples. This kind of essay  involves personal life experience and the influence it made on you. As a student I needed reflective essay  examples on English class. I surfed over the Internet and found some good reflective essay tips.

I had to describe personal situation that impressed me most. In the Internet some sites even provide reflective essay examples English 101 topic to derive inspiration from. There were stories about evening on the beach, some memories from childhood and stories about friendship. Firstly I was not sure what to write about and then a thought struck me. Yes, I will tell the story about my new friend.

I was 12 years old then. We lived in a nice neighbourhood with a big green park with benches and playgrounds. No wonder I spent lots of time outdoors. I played with my friends, rode a bike or simply walked in the park. One day I saw a new girl. She was about 10 years, blond and blue-eyed. Her name was Tracy.  However, she was lame of left leg and interestingly stumbled along. We made friends easily as she was an easy-going person and was always smiling and in good mood.

She participated in rowing and her team often won different prices. Tracy was a good rower and hit the gym. She helped me to develop a habit to go to the gym too. We spent a lot of time together and we often shared secrets with each other.

Yet, my new friend had a hang-up, she always wore socks or stockings even in summer. She rarely spoke about her sick leg and always tried to change the subject when it came to the matters of health.

Once I came early in the morning to Tracy and saw her secret. I waited for her in the hall when Tracy went downstairs without her socks. She had an artificial left leg. Tracy saw my embarrassment and run upstairs.

After that case I have not seen her for two days and  when we at last met at the gym she was silent and answered only short responses. My attitude to her did not change, she was the same blue-eyed blonde with astonishing inner strength.

It was late at night when my phone broke the silence. It was Tracy. In a shaking voice she asked if I was offended. I cheered her up and told that I had felt abashed when I saw her problem. Tracy told her story. They were returning from Tracy’s grandparents when the accident happened. Her father lost control of their motor car and crashed against the tree. Her parents died from trauma and she seriously hurt  her leg.

Five years have passed since that time, but Tracy remembered everything. Her leg was the outcome of the crash and reminded her of the loss she suffered with every new step. Tracy spent six months in the hospital and got on her feet after all her pain. She moved from her house she used to live together with her parents. Tracy’s granny and grandpa were very nice to her and cared of her wellbeing.

I was touched with her story and now looked at her inspiredly. She did not give up, nor she was down in the dumps. She loved life and life returned the love. She knew what the struggle for life was and shared her willingness to live with others. That day Tracy showed me pictures of her parents. She looked like her mother and had her father’s smile and eyes. I learned never lose faith in life and bear suffering with dignity. She taught me to struggle for life  and love life as it is.

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