Human Impact on the Environment Essay Sample

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There were written a lot of human impact on the environment essays, works and reports. We investigate the problem caused by human activities and advancement. A lot was said and many researches were conveyed to support the notion of environmental problems. Yet, there is still what to add to these issues and concerns. People influenced greatly the natural environment and now suffer from ecological pollution they caused.

In my impact of human activities on environment essay I want to highlight the key issues and suggest probable solutions to problems. It is time for people not only to identify environmental problem but to set certain goals and achieve specific results. Among all environmental problems the main stumbling point is the impact of overpopulation on the environment.

Essay Sample

The main impact of humans activity is the pollution of every sphere on the Earth – air, soil, and water. Over the last two centuries mankind polluted environment more than over the whole history of humans. The key causes of pollution are overpopulation, modern technology development, higher living standards, poor city planning and lack of ecological conscience. The growth of population causes overproduction and industry advancement needs power that is provided by combustion of fossil fuel. The main types of pollution are air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution.

We pollute air with different chemicals as Sulphur dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen oxides and lead. They are supplied from burning fuel as coal and petroleum, emitted by big factories, plants and automobiles. They cause a lot of diseases and illnesses as chronic lung disease and asthma, respiratory diseases, irritate eyes, nose and lungs.These emissions also result in increased acidity of water and soil, cause greenhouse effect, produce smog and other negative impacts.

According to the recent research only 2.5 % of water is drinkable water. People consume about 50 liters of fresh water a day to satisfy their needs. Indeed we foul our own nest. We spend more efforts and money to purify water. Yet, over the last decades we began to use more household detergents for cleaning the house which pollute water and cause different allergies. We use water for drinking, irrigation and industry. Plants dump their wastes into rivers that flow these pollutants to the World Ocean. These contaminants decrease oxygen dissolving, result in excessive algae and red tides.

Land gives us fruit and vegetables we consume every day. Soil pollution involves solid wastes, pesticides, erosion of soil and fire. Wastes can be toxic and non-degradable. Excessive use of pesticides cause negative effects on soil and water. Fire when uncontrolled can ruin natural environment of many animals and living organisms.

Ozone layer absorbs harmful short-wave radiation and is a thermal blanket of the Earth. A lot of chemicals that cause the ozone depletion are now banned.  Chlorofluorocarbons used in refrigeration and aerosols are thought to destroy the ozone layer.

Global warming or greenhouse effect is a well-known problem caused by human activities. The increased emission of CO2 does not let sun rays to go through atmosphere and turns back to the Earth, thus causing  the increase of temperature. The rise of the temperature leads to melting of ice in the Polar circle and Siberia. When melting ice produces additional emission of carbon dioxide and methane, the greenhouse gases that influence on global warming. It is a vicious circle we are in. Moreover, deforestation and intensive cutting down of the forests do not allow to absorb this greenhouse gases.

When CO2 dissolves with water it creates carbonic acid. The ocean acidity increased in 30% in the last 200 years. This acid influences on calcium concentration and prevents crustaceans from  building their shells. Ocean increased acidity damages reefs that are the main environment for many sea animals.

It is obvious that humans made a great impact on nature and environment but we have to learn how to improve the situation and correct mistakes we made. People try to conserve water and electricity, help endangered animals and create different National parks to save original flora and fauna. We must unite our efforts in order to maintain and take care for the place we live in – our Earth.

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