Top 10 Trends of Online Education

1. Personalised/adaptive learning

Traditional education can not offer personalised education in classes. E-learning can provide tailored solutions for students who can make their own choice of disciplines and modules. Personalized learning programs will help to adapt educational process for the learners’ goals.

2. Gamification

Games are not new in the e-learning. Now they can reduce working stress and simulate true to life situations and their solutions. Playing serious games is a great chance for employees to proceed in their career path and adapt to new working conditions.

3. Bite-sized learning

It is proved that smaller amount of information is easier to comprehend and remember. Microlearning gives better results in the long-term perspective as human brain remembers spaced out information better.

4. Video-based learning

Now everyone can watch educative films. Video lessons address the students and are more informative than even books as they give visualisation of difficult terms and phenomena. Video can include animation, instructions and slides for better understanding.

5. Digital Textbooks for Faster Research and Study

Digital textbooks are another trend of online education. No need to go to the library and spend valuable time for finding some chapter. Digital textbooks offer accessibility and flexibility on your Smartphone or PC. Books in digital format are cost-effective and don’t waste your time and storage place.

6. Official degrees

Universities all over the world offer online education possibilities. There is no limits of geographical grounds. A student can get their degree for gaining professionally recognized qualifications. Both students and universities benefit from online learning having diverse student body and rendering their services for people all over the world.

7. AR/VR technology

Augmented reality is in demand in online learning. It creates interactive environment and sparkles interest in the students’ interaction in the learning process. Virtual reality gives in-depth knowledge and simulates immersive environment.

8. Mentoring Takes the first place

Mentoring and coaching are of great priority for the employees. Its guidance help workers to grow within the company and become more skilled professianals if they are mentored throughout the working process.

9. Rediscovering the Webinar

Webinars are of great popularity with companies to increase their workers’ proficiency. They involve not only an instructor but also guests and experts in the learning process. You can ask questions, solve problems and be engaged in social activities.

10. Social learning

People try to belong to some group. When learning in groups students can share knowledge and experience. They can also assess the peers achievement and correct their mistakes. Such social learning model provides motivation of engaging, scoring and achieving great results.

10 top trends of online education

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