Environment Pollution Essay Sample

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It has been said a lot in environment pollution essays and studies. We research the causes and effects of nature pollution and blow own trumpet about greenhouse effect, global warming, animal extinction and different pollution. People strive to combine comfort and conserve the environment without doing anything. Humans got used to all conveniences industrial revolution provided us with and do not take into account negative effects on nature.

In my essay on environment pollution I am going to consider the causes and effects of environmental pollution. We must consider all factors that negatively influence on the state of nature. Human activity provides effects on every sphere of the environment. We have already polluted air, water and soil and made them unsafe for health. We know about the effect of plastic on environment and yet, we throw away plastic bottles or burn plastic releasing aggressive chemicals into the air we breathe.

Essay Sample

Before thinking of environmental pollution we have to consider the causes of nature contamination. There are a lot of reasons environment is polluted as industries, transportation, agricultural activities, trading activities, residences and many more.

Since the beginning of industrial revolution plants and factories have been polluting nature with greenhouse gases and waste they dump. Fossil fuel combustion contributes to air pollution and is the main factor of environmental problems. When horse powered vehicles were abandoned and people started to use automobiles and trains the pollution increased.  With the higher living level people can have several cars per a family. Gases emitted by automobiles directly influence the climate change and temperature rise, as they emit carbon dioxide that is the key component of global warming.

People started to clear up areas for living and agriculture cutting down rainforests. Deforestation also influences greenhouse effect as trees absorb CO2. And pesticides made of chemicals contaminate water and soil.

We pack products and goods into nondegradable packaging and goods can become waste themselves when expire date is over. We even pollute when build houses to live in as we ruin natural environment.

People enjoy the resources the nature give and use them thoughtlessly and improvidently. We do not value what we have and spend the more we actually need. That leads to overproduction and overconsumption.

The solution of this huge problem is complete makeover of our lifestyle. We must segregate rubbish, buy only things we need, exploit wooden items instead of plastic ones.

People can not imagine their life without electricity and electrically powered appliances. We built power plants that do damage to nature. Why not to use alternative sources of energy as solar, wind and tide energy. We have to invest into future and renovate the industry and technology. Humans are like a flashy river that can not slow down their watercourse and flow to the waterfall. What will our life be like when we will exhaust the resources of iron, coal and oil? Why to pass through a crisis to come? We have to change here and now.

Simple steps will help you to save the environment. Start with water and electricity conservation. Take shorter showers and do not fill full bath to bathe. Turn off the tap when cleaning teeth and wash up in a basin. Turn off the light in the rooms you are not in, reduce your heating level to minimum and dress warmer sweaters and shirts. Segregate your rubbish dividing plastic, glass and paper into separate bags. Join Greenpeace or other environmentally conscious groups to boycott insubstantial manufacturers and organize meetings and flash mobs.

People must get real and realize the future catastrophe the mankind is facing. We have to pool together forces and become more environmentally conscious in the face of danger. By polluting nature we cause self destruction and turn on a ticking bomb that just waits to go off. What will our next generation inherit – devastations and cataclysms or sustainable society is up to us.


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