Essay Writing Services Reviews and Free Samples

Who we are?

We are an initiative group that helps students not to fall a victim of fraud. We help to choose the proper writing service those who want to get a higher education but are too busy to write academic papers by themselves.

You can find reviews and rating of essay writing services and samples of ready essays.

Why do we do it?

To choose a writing service is fairly difficult. At first sight all writing services are good but actually not every site works as promised. We are students too and help people who find themselves in the same circumstances and conditions as we do

How do we do it?

We order an assay as an ordinary customer on one of the sites. After that we write a review of how the service works and evaluate its pricing, quality, support, usability and deadlines.

Nowadays higher education is the key factor of favorable conditions at work and good living level. People strive to realize their potential and get good position in society. However, it is difficult to gain knowledge as it demands industriousness, assiduity and giftedness. But the overload and sleepless nights lead to intellectual exhaustion and stress. Students have to do a lot of research and write a heap of academic papers while studying. Then custom writing sites come at hand and offer their essay writing services. But what essay writing service to choose not to get screwed. Our site collects the best essay writing service reviews of the popular among students writing services.

People usually leave feedback of the services they employed for others to take in the situation. We decided to create a site that will help students to choose the most reliable services that are proved to be fair and not a scam. We gathered a group of activists who  put to the test custom wiring services. As we are in a student community we engaged real students who needed help and evaluated website usability and its services. We acted as real customers, students always have assignments to complete. So we chose a popular custom writing site and ordered an essay from them. We also communicated with their support representatives and asked them different questions concerning the site and the assignment.

You can be sure that every our essay writing review  is backed up by real experience of our students. We made orders in every of the reviewed services and perfectly know how the writing sites work, what are their advantages and drawbacks. We scrutinized everything beginning with their prices and quality of papers and ending with website usability.

For a student it is very important to maintain confidentiality so that the prof will not figure out that the work was done by someone else. Anonymity is a  critical problem that deters some learners from using essay writing services. As students do not usually have a lot of money, discount issue and special offers are a great virtue of essay writing sites. They help to save not only time and efforts but also money.

We write essay writing service reviews by ourselves from our own objective opinion. These are not ultimate evaluation of the essay writing sites, but we sincerely share our experience to help students to choose the most suitable site. We evaluate the services on the standard scheme. We rate the quality, pricing, usability, compliance with a deadline, support assistance of the websites. The members of our group assess websites in accordance with the following criteria: the professionalism of writers, the presences of samples on the site, their pricing and discount policies, if the company is reliable and is not a scam, the terms of assignment completion, etc.

We strongly believe that our work will be helpful for those students who want to get familiar with services before using them and be confident of their respectability and reliability. There are a lot of situations when students need help. They can either combine work and study, have to get scholarship allowance or simply have no time to complete all the assignments by themselves. We provide trustworthy information of essay writing sites to help those who strive to get good education but have no possibility to complete all assignments by themselves.