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My Ninja essays experience was not flawless, unlike what they promise on their website – which is again, not flawless too. Still, there were some benefits, which I find very positive – like sociability altogether and money-back guarantees.

A bit of Ninja essays scam – with plagiarized pieces

Here, I found what I needed. They provided a choice of writers for my subject. However, I was frustrated to have some pieces in the finished paper, which were totally scammed. They were not big, but it affected my impressions in a negative way. No grammar mistakes, and that was good. Even though, grammar was not the point for my math, if you see what I mean. Credit to the writers, they were ready to make as many adjustments as I required.

Though I used a Ninja essay discount code, it was still not cheap prices

Writing from scratch starts with USD 20 for undergraduates, and I would not say it is very affordable. Moreover that they do tolerate scams. For my essay, I used a special discount (even though in some Ninja essays reviews, I read people could not use it, I wonder why). However, it did not make my order cheap enough to be happy.

Money guarantees are supposed to be working guarantees

Working guarantees were a soothing answer to my “is Ninja essay legit”. I asked if they would return my payments in case I would not be satisfied – and they answered positive. Although, I never used my money-back right – because I utterly needed the paper to submit to my college.

They, inter alia, provide the following:

  • Free account registration
  • Order progress tracing
  • Regular client support for free
  • Choice of writers (if your subject is not too specific).

Client support was enough for a positive Ninja essays review support

I needed to discuss my urgent remarks, and they were kind as to listen to me and try to help. Even though this influenced the process very little altogether, the impression was positive. I had to contact them early morning and late at night, and both times were successful.

My account was not user-friendly order form

Yes, the account was free, but that`s where I faced Ninja essays problems. The thing is that I could not make it out myself where and how to trace my progress, and later on, I could not download the  finished paper they delivered. Then, I had difficulties with uploading my remarks for additional revision. Finally, I could again not download the final version.

Delayed delivery is to make Ninja essay reviews negative

Why my delivery experiences are negative is because of the following:

  • They promised within the deadlines, but failed
  • They charged me for the original deadlines, even though failed
  • The paper needed the second revision
  • They appeared to be unable to revise quickly, which finally delayed my paper.
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  1. Heydy! my friend advised me the site, it was not cheep, i chose standard quality and the paper was good written, at least better than if i’d write it myself. Good paper for good money. I believe they should have some more flexible pricing police with discounts for new user or something like that.

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