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When taking on the Essay typer review, we principally intended to answer a frequently asked question, ‘is Essay typer legit?’ To hit this task, we tried a free version with all its features in place, but compared it with a pro version in terms of pricing and delivery time.

Quality is very good with a pro version, but not for free about

You can type your own essay, or dissertation, or coursework, or term paper – whatever, just type the subject you need. The selection of subjects is diverse. However, the website Essay typer is nothing but a generator, which means its free version does not involve professional writers but rather makes web compilations. Given this, our free writing was mostly copy-pasted. This is, however, avoided when using a fee-based pro version.

Pro-version pricing is not cheap, though you can choose a free version

essay typer formIf a pro version, it is not a free essay generator. Your price will depend on how many pages you will order, what type and level of writing you will choose and which terms you will ask for. What`s good is that you can choose from among a variety of topics. What`s bad is that the service is not cheap, it is rather among the market average services. We could not find any rebates, and the service only suggested us to pay online. provides for no plagiarism-free guaranties

What`s primarily bad about the guaranties this company offers is that no plagiarism-free guaranty is provided. Why? Because essay typer is not working as a legit service, as it is mostly about plagiarism: the generator collects information pieces from all around and compiles a writing.

However, there are other guaranties that work:

  • Fast delivery
  • Variety of topics
  • Very quick writing.


Though an instant Essay typer, the support is actually not

Unfortunately, we experienced some problems with getting through to the service guys. We had to agree upon some amendments and probably to mix some topics in one, but it is very difficult to find help using a free version. With the pro one, it is easier, and they promise you can discuss, but for additional fee.

Nice usability and even kind of fun usability

The essay typer website is funny to operate: you type whatever you want, meanwhile your keyboard kind of types a true-to-life writing. It is convenient, you can do it as quickly as you wish, depending on how fast you kind of type. However, we would add more features to make the website more helpful.

Delivery is definitely a plus to Essay typer reviews

Your essay is done very quickly. Even if you need to pass your test or exam immediately, it will be completed on time. We checked this for both a free and a pro version, and they delivered equally well. So, we would recommend www.essaytyper for fast deliveries. By the way. here is the link to Twitter account of Essay Typer creator.

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  1. Is there anyone who use this service???

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  2. I am confused using this website. It writуs an essay for you but uses not reliable sites such as wiki. The essay can not be used for you to hand in your professor. It won’t pass plagiarism test. You can’t also copy and paste the test or save it. It is an essay writing tool, not service. Inspire yourself for essay writing. Type any word even space and you will get a well-structured text. Enjoy the tool!:)

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